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it all started back in the 80ies when I got addicted to bass sounds and patterns. since then I have been touring all over the world, playing my instrument with passion and dedication to hard and heavy rock music.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Enough Live in Luxembourg 19/10/2008

ah - the crowd was awesome. we enjoyed it so much. cheers, oliver


Olivér Bán said...

Hi Oliver!
I can see no other comments here than the ones written by your brother. I'm a Blind Guardian fan and I'd just like to say that you RULE, man! I hope you'll come to Hungary in the next tour! (A Rhapsody-show would be great as well! :)
Keep on metal,

oliver holzwarth said...


so you deserve a beer. going to buy one the next time I come to hungary - promised!

see you soon, oliver